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Welcome to Research from the Tub

Hello and welcome to Research from the Tub!

Anybody reading this who already knows me might remember I blogged for a number of years under Writing from the Tub, sharing my thoughts about all things YA fiction and publishing as a whole. I’ve always loved blogging so it’s only fitting I create a new ‘from the Tub’ focusing on my academic research and new lifestyle as a research student after nearly fifteen years out of education.

I’ve wanted to return to education to work my way up to (eventually) obtaining a PhD for a very long time but I always saw it as a future goal that I’d do ‘at some point when everything is nicely lined up’. Then the pandemic happened and I think we all reassessed what we really wanted from life. Fast forward through the application process and a boatload of support from my nearest and dearest, and this week marks the first (very exciting!) step as I embark on a two year research project to achieve my MA by Research at the University of Birmingham. My research focus is on the representation of sapphic characters in young adult novels published from 1990-2020, and the desire to study that topic is something I never would have voiced out loud two years ago. How much things can change in a couple of years, eh?

So, what can you expect from this blog? I’ll be documenting my academic journey as I work on my MA by Research research project and then (all being well!) look ahead towards a PhD – but that’s at least a couple of years away, so let’s just focus on the MA by Research for now.

This will be my first piece of formal academic research so I want to share my own journey and log my research progress. As well as this, when I was applying for my degree I noticed a real lack of information for MA by Research students and an even bigger lack of information about postgraduate research in English Literature so I want to share as much information as I can about the process of applying for an MA by Research and writing a research proposal, as well as research tips about English Literature specifically, the resources I’ve found most useful, and the life cycle of an academic research project from the initial idea to handing in a finished thesis.

Thank you for stopping by!

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