About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting Research from the Tub! I’m Carly, I’m in my mid-30s and I’m a full time research student working towards a MA by Research in English Literature at the University of Birmingham. I started my studies in February 2022 and I’m due to complete my research by February 2024. The focus of my research is the representation of sapphic characters in young adult literature published between 1990-2020 and you can read more about that here.

Aside from my research I spend most of my time reading (magical realism dripping with dreamy prose, queer graphic novels, or domestic thrillers about beige couples who hate themselves and each other are my jam), writing, sewing, gardening, playing video games, obsessing over my firewood stack, and using stick and poke tattoos as a coping mechanism. I love stupid little walks through the woods for my stupid little mental health, adding cheese to every dish I cook, and indulging in anything that might help me achieve my dreams of embodying the queer witchy aunt archetype.

The name of this blog came from the name of my first ever blog – Writing from the Tub, which I started in 2009 as a space to talk about what I’d been reading and general discussion posts about young adult literature. I blogged under Writing from the Tub for almost a decade and also (briefly!) blogged about beauty and lifestyle under Life from the Tub. Writing from the Tub brought me so many exciting opportunities and gave me a wealth of wonderful friends so I’m very fond of the ‘from the Tub’ name. When I couldn’t think of a punny enough name for this blog I decided to go with Research from the Tub as a placeholder and, well, here we are. I still haven’t thought of a witty enough name to replace it!

I’m always up for a natter so if you’re a fellow research student, are thinking about applying for a research degree, or just want to say hi you can always reach me on Twitter at @CarlyBResearch or on Instagram at @carlybennettbooks.